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Friday, August 30, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Instead of queuing for a good 30 minutes, we only needed 2 minutes before we were in Aquaria. The kids in a fishbowl observation port at the sea otter sanctuary.

Our luck was good then, the ushers announced a new temporary ticket counter was up and running to handle credit card only transactions. We all rushed to the new line.

Friends came down to KL from the Bahamas. Took them to Aquaria KLCC since they have not been there. Took this photo while in the queue to get tickets.

My souvenirs from the visit to Seiko's flagship store.

At a rooftop restaurant overlooking Shibuya.

There's even a cafe for pets!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Got an opportunity to take a self portrait. The train was hot! It doesn't come equipped with air condition.

A lot of people believed the Tokyo Metro system during rush hour is really bad. However, I was on a train heading towards Shibuya at 5:30 pm and this is the situation on that train. Loads of elbow space.

The Japanese restaurant I went to still have the plastic samples of the dishes on display. This is how I remember Japanese restaurants.

An intersection.

Also at Ginza is the famous Seiko store. This is Seiko's Flagship store. I had the impression that the store would present all the Seiko models currently in production. Unfortunately, when I went there, only limited number of examples were displayed and even that are only JDM models. Saw some Credors.

Here the shops are all high end ones. Also, the crowd is also different. More oldies.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Original call boxes used in the exchange.

Share script circa 1922.

Another interesting area in the TSE is the museum. Loads of interesting things to see since this exchange is over 100 years in operations. In the centre of the following photo is an actual bond script with detachable coupons.

Some explanation about the exchange in English. This is a tourist attraction in Tokyo (and free as well to enter) and many visitors come to see TSE.

Something interesting to note about TSE is traditionally, lossers are in green and gainers are in red. Very confusing isn't it?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This cage-like thing in the centre of the building houses the surveillance unit of TSE. They check to see for unusual trading patterns.

The main trading hall is also eerily quiet. TSE has gone electronic trading so all the stuff is now going on in cyberspace.

The building has 4 entrances (that I know of) situated in all four sides of the building. If you enter from the side entrances, you can see the opposite entrance. Note how quiet and empty the building is.

The exchange is located in an unassuming building (see below). I would expect it to look something grand but instead, this is what you can see from the road.

This hotel does not provide coffee or tea or bottled water in the rooms. You have to go the your floor's lift lobby to find vending machines for drinks. Another trick is to get loads of free ice-cubes from the ice machine on each floor (this is free) and use the kettle to boil (kettle is provided, surprisingly).

This definitely confirms the age of this hotel. You still need a room key to get in.

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