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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In the sitting room, you have a couch as well as a writing table.

Tables and chairs in the garden when you can have drinks.

A child pool next to a gazebo.

The is a pool. Not big but then the number of guests is not expected to be many anyway.

Another of the many gardens in the hotel.

The many corridors in the hotel.

Friday, October 4, 2013

In the bedroom, the cupboard is a standalone furniture. There is also a standing mirror.

There is also a TV in a TV cabinet.

In the sitting room, you have a couch as well as a writing table.

The rooms are very stately. Segregated in three sections. The sitting area, the bedroom and the washroom. The design and the overall fittings in the room are classic in nature.

You can sit and enjoy an afternoon tea in the gardens.

What sets apart this hotel is its many gardens. Every room faces a garden.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nice stain glass mural.

The first stop is the Semporna Cigarette Museum.

It took one hour to get from the airport to the city.

With everyone on the bus, we started towards the city. However, before we head to the hotel, there will be a short city tour and a pit-stop for lunch somewhere.

The 44 sitter bus has a smoking room! It also has a bathroom that is specific in nature ("Khusus Kencing" - Only for Peeing).

After a three hour flight, we arrived at Juanda Airport near Surabaya. After going through the immigration and customs formalities we waited for the bus to pick us up to go to the City.

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